What is the tweeting bra?

It’s the first and only bra that tweets with a mission to remind you
one thing you should never forget: your montlhy breast self exam!

The jewellery was crafted by Maroula Mavrogiannopoulou @mavroulita

Α special bra with
a special owner

Maria Bacodimou (@mariabacodimou), one of the most popular TV presenters in Greece, has very willingly joined our mission and will be wearing a tweeting bra for two weeks. Every time Maria unhooks the bra it will automatically post a tweet.

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A bra that tweets?
How is that possible?

A special mechanism is hidden under the hook of our tweeting bra. Every time our bra is unhooked, it sends a signal to a cell phone, the cell phone notifies a server, and the server generates the tweet... as simple as that!

Latest tweets

See what the buzz is all about by following the #tweetingbra hashtag
or even the @tweetingbra itself!

Learn more about breast self-exam

  • 3 minutes and your fingers. That’s all you need for your breast self exam. The more often you do it, the easier it gets to notice any changes.
  • Stand in front of a mirror and raise your arms. Check your breasts for any changes (Bulging of the skin, changes in nipple position or any other signs)
  • Lie down and place your right arm behind your head. Keep your fingers together and move the pads around your breast in small circular motions. Make sure you cover the whole area from the armpit to the nipple. Repeat the steps for the other breast.
  • Don’t forget to be consistent in repeating your self-exam. The best time to do it is a few days after your period starts of if you don’t menstruate, pick a day of the month that suits you best and never forget!
It was created by Fitness®
for the fight against breast cancer.
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